This blog simply exists to empty my brain. So many things wander there that I needed some spaced to flush part of it. I’m Marc Vandenbosch (@bombjackm). I’m a 45+ developer passionate about too many things. Among others: game programming, new programming languages, electronics, low-level stuff, etc…

I started my career working for a Belgian subsidiary of MTS where I developed several OpenGL tools for automotive engineering.

After that, I worked for a cartoon production company where I developed many tools for 2D and 3D production of animated series. The tools were used for Franklin, Petit Pottam, Corto Maltese among others.

In a previous life, I also worked for a digital cinema company and created the original draft for the Digital Cinema Packing List. At that time, I developed the Open Cinema Tools to allow free creation of digital cinema package (DCP).

I currently work as a computer and software engineer in a hospital. I’m in charge of the radiologic PACS system.